Effectively integrate business applications

Streamlining business processes crossing multiple cloud solutions means carefull orchestration of inter-process communication.

We design, implement and operate messaging platform from AWS, Azure and GCS (former Apigee) as well as cloud indenpendant solutions like Kafka, Mulesoft and SAP HCI. 

Efficiently share data between cloud solutions

Mapping a well-designed domain model to a multi-cloud landscape demands a thorough data distribution approach.

We design, engineer and operate data-governance, distribution and ingestion solutions from Amazon, Azure and GCS as well as cloud independant solutions like Snowflake and Collibri. 

Securely connect people through Identity and Access Management

Securing access to valuable assets is a prime priority nowadays and well-guarded digital identities are at the core.

We design, engineer and operate both cloud-native IAM solutions from AWS, Azure and GCS as well as independant cloud solutions from Akamai, Okta, OneWelcome and Keycloak.