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Enabling customers in every step to true Digital & Cloud Transformation, is what COERA and QforIT do best. Today they announce their new joint venture GLUE-ID B.V.

Leveraging their respective industry experience to create a full service offering in Enterprise Cloud Application & Integration, with truly innovative cloud services and solutions.


Integration makes all the difference in multi cloud

Nowadays, Digital & Cloud Transformation is crucial in gaining competitive advantage. It can, however, be challenging, often leading to a patchwork of platforms and silos, creating a scattered IT landscape with no clearly defined architecture. This will lead to a lot of overhead, security issues, and unnecessary work, while leaving the power of data untapped.

To break down these silos and to ensure the most streamlined experience for their customers, GLUE-ID combines decades of expertise and experience in Application, Integration and Identity & Access Management. This expertise allows them to provide the glue that connects and integrates multi cloud architectures.

GLUE-ID smartly connects people, processes, things and data throughout every part of the enterprise designing, creating and operating cloud integrated solutions. With a strong portfolio focusing on SAP, Mendix and ForgeRock as well as custom built applications, GLUE-ID enables secure, future-proof and stable operations, allowing customers to focus on what is important: unleashing their business value and innovation.


Unlocking the true value of Cloud

A lot of companies talk about cloud and business transformation, while they lack real life experience. GLUE-ID has implemented large scale multi cloud architectures for multiple customers giving them access to the full potential of the cloud. By taking a holistic approach to digital transformation, the usage of the cloud enables business growth and innovation in today’s rapidly evolving digital economy.

Many companies already benefit from the move to the cloud, thanks to infrastructure scale and software-as-a-service (SaaS) standardisation. But the power of the cloud is truly unlocked when all underlying aspects are connected, making the “ability to integrate”  of utmost importance. Gluing together highly standardised communication models based on open API sets and secure Identity & Access Management solutions, keeps the Digital Core secure and clean. All in a highly automated and agile IT change- and operating model.



GLUE-ID | Future-proof integration on a European scale


Multi cloud Integration specialist QforIT located in The Netherlands and the IT engineering company COERA with offices in Germany, the Netherlands and Romania, have entered into a new joint venture under the name GLUE-ID. Participating parties already experience a degree of uniqueness in their own market, these being Cloud Integration, Business Process Management and Identity and Access Management respectively.

“With combining our expertise and experience we structurally cover the underlying glue of multi cloud architectures. By our joint venture we achieve a so-called ‘unfair’ advantage – an advantage which cannot easily be copied by competitors but is essential for our customers. The multi cloud bandwagon has presented itself and we jump right onto it.” – according to Theo Punter – Managing Partner at COERA and GLUE-ID.

With more than 50 experienced engineers GLUE-ID serves customers in Belgium, France, Germany, Romania, Switzerland and the Netherlands. This makes GLUE-ID one of the larger enterprise integration boutiques in Europe. GLUE-ID brings full-service identity & access, integration and cloud application management development to a higher level, at pace and on a European scale.

“From a holistic perspective, GLUE-ID connects Cloud Integration, Identity & Access Management and Application development to provide stable, future-proof integration solutions for the connected enterprise. Core suites such as SAP Cloud Platform are extended with smart, high-value solutions based on (low) code application development. In addition to advising, designing and implementing solutions, GLUE-ID also offers 24/7 operational support.” – says Peter Dau – Managing Partner at QforIT and GLUE-ID.

“Enterprise Integration within a multi cloud context makes all the difference. Gaining a competitive advantage with a multi cloud transformation strategy depends on how well you can Integrate & Innovate. Our companies already have multiple years’ experience in building and integrating cloud solutions. By joining forces we provide the glue underlying multi cloud architectures. Thanks to our broad expertise in (cloud) integration, GLUE-ID relieves its customers of the design, development and operation of hybrid cloud landscapes. This allows them to focus on what is really important, create business value, unleash innovation and combining these with a perfect service.” concludes Kenny van Sleuwen, Managing Director at GLUE-ID.


About QforIT

QforIT is both SAP and Mendix partner, focusing on Enterprise Application Integration with services and solutions that enable digital transformation and business innovation. QforIT’s trademark lies in the rapid development and implementation of reliable, easily maintainable and extensible interfaces with matching front-end solutions.



Since 2013, when enterprises started the real adoption of cloud technology, COERA’s reputed engineers are building a strong reference in cloud integration in general and Identity and Access Management in particular, believing that securely managing Identities is one of the core disciplines in nowadays distributed IT landscapes.


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