Identity and Access Management

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Next up in our series of short blogs is the importance of Identity and Access Management within cloud integration.

Identity & Access Management
During the last decade, working in the security and Identity and Access Management (IAM) domain, we saw the world of identity management evolving from a technology driven activity deep down in the ‘IT basement to business driven initiatives supporting digital transformation and focusing on smooth but secure customer journeys.

But in essence IAM services are all about centralizing identities and identity information for the use of authentication, authorization, managing consent information and provisioning of identity data to relying applications.

At the beginning of the decade first movers like iWelcome and Okta brought the B2E IAM domain to the cloud, introducing the concept of Identity as a Service (IDaaS). Steadily the IDaaS market evolved with enterprise players like Microsoft mirroring their on-premise AD architecture to AzureAD and SAP acquiring Gigya and by gaining an immediate strong CIAM footprint. Also, adjacent technology players with networking and security background like Akamai acquiring identity specialist JanRain and RSA with their SecurID service claimed their footprint in the market.

Nowadays with digital transformation as the main driver and Identity at the core of integration the IAM market is growing rapidly. Pureplay IAM companies like Auth0 and ForgeRock proofed it to be a sustainable growth market with $100 million-dollar investment rounds to further innovate their api-first product suites and to extend their global presence.  

Summarizing, Identity and Access Management earned itself a place in the spotlights being a key prerequisite for cloud integration. IDaaS providers are here to stay and to manage the nuts and bolts of such a service and saving lots of organizational and technology overhead for their customers.

What’s next

In a next blog we will share some of our functional and technical insights on the developments in the Identity Management domain, very interesting developments significantly impacting our daily lives as well.

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