Our integrated approach to true Cloud Transformation

Designing, creating and operating cloud integrated solutions, GLUE-ID smartly connects people, processes, things and data throughout every part of the enterprise. With a strong portfolio focusing on SAP, Mendix and ForgeRock as well as custom built applications, GLUE-ID enables secure, future-proof and stable operations, allowing customers to focus on what is important, adding unleashing their business value and innovation.


Enabling their customers every step of the way to true Digital & Cloud Transformation, that is what COERA and QforIT do best. That’s exactly where the joint venture GLUE-ID was founded. Leveraging respective industry experience and creating a full service offering in Enterprise Cloud Application & Integration. With truly innovative solutions.


Enterprise Integration within a multi cloud context makes all the difference. Gaining competitive advantage with a multi cloud transformation strategy depends on how well you can Integrate & Innovate.

Cloud Application

Creating (low)code, high-value and effective Enterprise applications, maximizing user efficiency.

Cloud Integration

Smartly integrating People, Processes, Things and Data for future-proof Connected Enterprises.

Identity & Access

Securely integrating Identity Access Management throughout the Connected Enterprise.

Unlocking the true value of Cloud

A lot of companies talk about cloud and business transformation, while they lack real life experience. GLUE-ID has implemented large scale multi cloud architectures for multiple customers and unlocked the full value of the cloud.


By taking a holistic approach to digital transformation, the usage of cloud enables business growth and innovation in today’s rapidly evolving digital economy. The “ability to integrate” is of utmost importance.


Glueing together highly standardized Cloud Application & Integration models based on open API sets and secure Identity & Access Management solutions keeps the Digital Core secure and clean. All in a highly automated and agile IT change and operating model.

Typical GLUE-ID Projects

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